Chichester Grain originally started in 1970 as Ratham Grain Syndicate in Bosham, the membership consisted of four local farmers. This operated in Bosham for three years until the site at Priors Leaze was acquired by James Martell and the first stage of the store was built on the site where Chichester Grain is still operating today.

In 1973 the store was expanded and an Alvan Blanch drier was installed with two intake pits and twelve wet holding bins for crop segregation. Five years later a second Alvan Blanch drier was installed with a further 2400 tonnes of storage in the form of Prive silo’s.

Through the eighties and nineties membership and storage capacity was expanded by providing more silos and in 2000 a further 7500 tonnes of on-floor storage was added in the form of three open span sheds.

The storage capacity was increase again in 2007 when another two 4000 tonne sheds were erected and this was followed by a third in 2008 taking the total storage capacity to 30,000 tonnes.

In 2009 the driers and grain handling equipment was upgraded with the installation of two new 40tph Perry Driers, and two new intake pits each capable of 120tph.

Membership numbers have built steadily from the opening of the store in 1973 to a peak of around 40 but have reduced to 32 recently although the tonnage handled has risen due to amalgamations of farms and expansion by members.