Commodity markets are becoming increasingly volatile and recent years have seen wheat prices fluctuating by £70 per tonne in one season. The difference between success and failure in grain marketing is obviously huge for any arable business and this is why Chichester Grain has instructed Frontier Agriculture as the store marketing agent.

Frontier Agriculture has provided Chichester Grain with consistently high final pool prices and have proved themselves to be professional and worthy of such an important job.

There are currently two marketing options available at Chichester Grain, spot selling and a long pool. Members can choose to use Frontiers expertise to sell any of their tonnage any time or you can commit it to the Long Pool where Frontier will choose when to sell it to provide the best final pool price.

For commodities with many different levels of quality a pool base price is achieved and appropriate premiums allocated later. This ensures members get rewarded for the quality they bring to the store.

An advance payment of up to 90% of the estimated final pool value is available after harvest at a very good level of interest should members wish to ease their cash flows.

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