About Chichester Grain

Chichester Grain is a farmer owned co-operative grain store. Established in 1974, we serve arable farmers throughout Sussex and Hampshire. We currently have 32 members and store in excess of 30,000 tonnes.

We specialise in the storage of quality crops with an emphasis on Milling Wheat and Spring Malting Barley but most arable crops can be catered for in our various stores.

The Directors are all farming members of the store and strive to provide a cost effective and efficient service to all members, irrespective of tonnage.

Our continued investment in the stores infrastructure has seen two 40 tonne per hour (tph) driers installed as well as two covered intake pits, each running at 120 tph which has resulted in the doubling of our intake speed.  This has allowed us to handle higher grain moistures than has been previously practical.

New for harvest 2018 will be a flat store with a capacity of 9,500t along with a new 40t/hour drying and cleaning plant. This will be specifically (but not exclusively) for malting barley so that we can secure quality through processing higher tonnages straight from the combine.

Uniquely, we intake from members seven days a week from 08.00 until 21.00 and accept delivery straight from the field, either on tractor and trailer or lorry. We can organise collection by lorry where it might suit a grower especially those not in close proximity to the store.

The store is fully TASCC assured and as such can only accept assured grain onto the premises.  We have a fully equipped laboratory for testing and grading all types of grain and oilseeds on intake.

We are a non profit making organisation with the aim of storing grain for as low a cost as possible. We aim to provide our members with guaranteed easy, low risk storage and marketing options.