Grain store & drying plant now complete

Further to Aprils update, we are pleased to say that construction of the new drying/cleaning plant and flat store is now complete. Thanks must go to all contractors involved for designing and creating such a fantastic new facility. This facility consists of a 10,000t capacity flat store which is split into two 5000t bays, an 80tph intake system with drive over pit, 150t wet holding silo, 40tph dryer and a 40tph cleaner. The design is such that we are able to convey grain off the dryer and/or cleaner into both the new store and an already existing store offering great flexibility.

This new plant will enable us to greatly increase the amount of wet grain we are able to handle during a wet harvest, which, with the large tonnage of spring malting barley and group 1 milling wheat stored, is vitally important for quality retention.

After much hard work, we were able to secure a 40% grant through DEFRA to aid with the cost. This made the project a much more financially viable option and has enabled us to continue with the modernisation of the whole store. This has included in the last year, the installation of an automatic bulk sampler as well as a new improved laboratory/weighbridge office plus board room.